I did not receive my screening email

There are a number of reasons why you may not have received a screening email for one of your events. Please walk through each step of this guide to help diagnose the cause.

Step 1: Verify your account setup

Your organization may not have added multiple email addresses to your player's account. To verify that your email address is set up correctly, Log in to TeamScreen. If your account is not set up, please contact your organization to have your email address added.

If you are able to log in, verify that your team is listed under Teams. If your team is missing, please contact your organization and have them add your email address to the correct team.

Step 2: Verify your schedule

Once logged into TeamScreen, select your team. From there, verify that the schedule displayed shows the game or practice that requires a screening.

If the event is missing... Please notify your club administrator that your team event is missing.

If the event is present...

...and there is a X under your player's name
The deadline to complete your screening for this event has passed.

...and there is a 'Screen' button under your player's name
You should have received an email by now. You can use this button to complete your screening, but continue down this guide to help diagnose why you did not recieve our email.

...and it is blank under your player's name
Screening has not yet opened for this event. You'll receive an email later.

Step 3: Check your Spam Folder

IMPORTANT! Some mobile app and desktop clients DO NOT download spam email messages. It is important that when you are checking your spam folder you log directly into your email service provider via a browser.

If you find the email in your spam folder:
1. Mark as 'Not Spam'
2. Add notifications@team-screen to your contacts.

Still can't find it?

Are you on a corporate email account? These tend to be more aggressive in blocking email from even getting to your spam folder. We recommend that you have your club add your personal email account.

Do you have email forwarding set up? Messages marked as spam may not forward from one email address to another. Make sure you check the spam folder of the account to which we sent the email.

If you are still having trouble, please email us at support@team-screen.com.

How do I add or change an email address on my account

Log in to TeamScreen using the email address your organization used when setting up your team. Once logged in, click Settings. From there, you can add an email address to each of your players.

If you are unable to log in, you will need to contact your organization to have them set up the new email address.

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