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TeamScreen is an email-driven system that uses automated notifications to ensure screenings are completed and that the right people are notified when a self-screening failure occurs.

  • Step 1: Sample Health Screening
  • Step 2: Screen Cleared Notification
  • Step 3: Screen Failed Notification
  • Step 4: Event Summary Notification

Step 1 of 4

Health screening emails are automatically sent to parents & players 4 hours prior to each game & practice.

Enter your email address to send yourself a sample health screen email.

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How TeamScreen Works

Set Up Your Teams

The first step is setting up your organization's teams.

  • Coaches & Staff - Added from a spreadsheet. You'll have the option to require screening from staff members.
  • Roster - Also added from a spreadsheet. Supports adding up to two email addresses per player.
  • Schedule - Imported directly from an iCal feed and kept in sync as changes occur. Don't have a feed? We can also use a spreadsheet.

Automate Everything

Now you get to sit back and relax as we take over.

  • Automate - Every day, all day we send out notices to players to complete their self-screenings.
  • Configure - Emails go out 4 hours before an event, but you can configure that for your organization.
  • Toggle - Easily turn on & off which players and team staff members require screenings.

Get Screened

We make it as easy as possible for your players & their parents.

  • Screening Email - Players will receive a screening notice in their inbox before each event.
  • Secure - We provide a secure, magic login link to complete their screening.
  • Confirmation - Players receive a time-stamped confirmation email that you can require at the door.

Get Notified

We keep you in the loop so you don't have to worry.

  • Failed Screening - Anytime a player fails a screening, you'll be notified immediately along with the team staff.
  • Cleared? - 20 minutes before every event, we notify the team staff of their screening status, complete with a list of players who haven't been cleared yet.

More Questions? Drop us an email at

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